The tiny sushi bar Omakase Yume is good for a splurge, but its sister restaurant next door is the one you’ll want to put into regular rotation. If you’ve heard the term “izakaya” bandied about, this is the real deal. First, you drink, perhaps a fizzy, lightly sweetened Japanese cocktail such as chuhai or a gin sonic (half soda, half tonic water), or maybe a Japanese IPA brewed with bonito flakes. Then order the food, in small batches, plate by plate. We’re smitten by the feather-light fried agedashi mozzarella, the herby kale-miso salad, and the always top-notch sashimi. But grilling is the house specialty —specifically, kushiyaki (a.k.a. things on sticks). Order the kimchi pork belly, the chicken skin, the meaty mushrooms, the beef tongue. Stretch out the meal, but don’t get overstuffed before it’s time for shime, the last dish to finish the evening: A hearty bowl of maze soba will see you off nicely.

651 W. Washington Blvd., West Loop