Urban food halls — with their poke bowls, cronuts, and Detroit-
style squares — rarely live up to the hype. You eat something trendy, pay too much, and enjoy the architecture. Food courts, on the other hand, with their neon lights and cafeteria seating, still connect because they dish up the quick, craveable things you know you love. We always feel like teenage mall rats discovering Mrs. Fields whenever we visit the cacophonous food court in this Japanese supermarket. A dozen restaurants and shops serve every kind of food a Japanese expat might crave, from the excellent ramen at Santouka and the donburi (rice bowls) at Sutadonya to the grilled yakitori skewers at Toritetsu. Our fave vendor, Tokyo Shokudo, serves up typical lunch plates, like curry rice, fried oysters, chicken cutlets, or grilled mackerel fillets with rice, miso soup, and pickles. We also always save room for Re Leaf’s green tea soft serve.