Tippling Hall is Chicago’s hottest cocktail bar, with a hefty drink menu that demands quite a bit of scrutiny before your server swings by (it’s tough to decide between a Spinal Tap–themed Derek Smalls on draft and the Dirty South, an earthy-sweet mix of whiskey and tea-infused Cardamaro). No, scratch that. It’s Chicago’s buzziest beer bar, complete with craft options from local faves (Metropolitan, Two Brothers) and buckets of Schlitz cans. But wait. Maybe it’s Chicago’s coolest wine bar, where you can order the house red or white by the half inch, paying only for the volume you want (three-inch minimum). Or perhaps it’s just a great new bar that’s mastered the art of being a little bit of everything to everyone. We’ll raise a tumbler, stein, and wine glass to that. 646 N. Franklin St., 312-219-8407