Maude’s Tower
Photo: Jeff Marini

The $175 three-level Maude’s Tower at Maude’s Liquor Bar is the ultimate seafood indulgence. 840 W. Randolph St., 312-243-9712

1 Alaska king crab

Superfresh, delicately flavored leg meat to dip in clarified butter.

2 Cured Scottish salmon ceviche

This dish really kicks. It must be the citrus vinaigrette marinade with Espelette and serrano peppers.

3 Maine lobster

Steamed for eight minutes, dipped in an ice bath to halt cooking, and placed on the tower. (The secret to good lobster being not to mess with it.)

4 Blue prawns

Hefty and succulent but with a terrific snap.

5 Mignonette sauce

Deep purple from red onions and refreshingly sharp from Champagne vinegar mixed with sparkling wine. Bring on the oysters.

6 Oysters

There are always three from the East Coast (such as small, briny Ichabod Flats) and three from the Pacific Northwest (sweet and creamy Kusshis, for example).