Various food items from Kimchi Pop
Photo: Jeff Marini

Despite the small menu—only 10 items—placing your order at this cheery, orange-walled Korean café, run by a charming mother-son duo, can be surprisingly daunting. Do you go for the classic sizzling bibimbap ($10; bottom left), topped with tangles of crunchy vegetables? The kimchi stew ($11; center left), its broth pungent with sinus-clearing fermented cabbage and studded with cubes of silky tofu? The duk bo ki, chewy rice and fish cakes slathered in tangy sauce ($9; center)? Or maybe you’re ready for a delectable carb bomb of a breakfast burrito ($7.50), its rice tortilla swaddling eggs, cheese, and meat (ideally the spicy-sweet beef). Why choose? Just bring a few friends and order it all.

939 N. Ashland Ave.