“I’m from Louisiana, where I can go to a hole in the wall and bring home loads of fresh fish. Here in Chicago, I only get my fish at Mariano’s. Their seafood and fish items literally look like they’re fresh off the boat. They also have a piano, and you can go to the bar, get yourself a nice glass of wine, make some bad choices. The fishmongers at the Bucktown one are like, ‘Oh, she’s back!’ My go-to is salmon. I bring it home, wash it, and put it in ziplock bags filled with water before I freeze it. That keeps it really fresh. In New Orleans, my dad would come home with a cooler full of shrimp he’d caught. It was my job to peel and devein them. He’d pay me $25 and it would take me eight hours, but I thought I was balling.” 2112 N. Ashland Ave.