Kentucky Corpse Reviver Twinkie from Longman & Eagle

Kentucky Corpse Reviver Twinkie

at Longman & Eagle

There’s something so gleefully transgressive about pairing a retro Twinkie with the accoutrements of a Corpse Reviver cocktail and a whole lot of bourbon. Logan Square, 2657 N. Kedzie Ave.,


Tex’s Hot Cocoa from Homestead on the Roof

Tex’s Hot Cocoa

at Homestead on the Roof

The ultrarich hot chocolate hides any evidence of an alcohol burn from the crème de cassis and walnut liqueur—and it’s supertasty, too. West Town, 1924 W. Chicago Ave.,


Prosecco Affogato from Nico Osteria

Prosecco Affogato

at Nico Osteria

Photo: Derek Ricmond

This is literally a drink (a pour of good prosecco) with dessert in it (three scoops of even better apricot and burnt honey gelato), equal parts basic and brilliant. Gold Coast, 1015 N. Rush St.,


Warm Rum Sponge Cake from Paris Club

Warm Rum Sponge Cake

at Paris Club Bistro & Bar

Not only does this cake get doused with your choice of rum, the whole shebang happens tableside. Dessert, a drink, and a show. River North, 59 W. Hubbard St.,