A Royale at Vanille Patisserie, a Dominique at Alliance Patisserie, a cheesecake tart at Sugar Fixé Pâtisserie, a passion fruit tart at Floriole, an éclair at Toni Patisserie, and an Exotic Egg at Patisserie Coralie
Photo: Anna Knott; Prop Stylist: Joshua Moss

1. Royale at Vanille Patisserie

2108 N. Clark St., 773-868-4574; 131 N. Clinton St. (same phone)
Chocolate mousse, chocolate glaze, and a hazelnut dacquoise—this is the pastry of your Nutella-covered dreams, in a serving as compact as a deck of cards. $6.75

2. Dominique at Alliance Patisserie

615 N. State St., 312-374-4144
The newest entrant on the scene (and sibling to Alliance Bakery in Wicker Park) lives up to its Gallic name change—try this blushing dome of raspberry-chocolate mousse for proof. $7

3. Cheesecake Tart at Sugar Fixé Pâtisserie

119 N. Marion St., Oak Park, 708-948-7720
This lighter-than-air French take on cheesecake, enrobed in white chocolate and topped with cranberry compote, takes up far less stomach space than its hefty NYC cousin. $4.25

4. Passion Fruit Tart at Floriole

1220 W. Webster Ave., 773-883-1313
How is it even possible for a fruit curd to have a lusher (and better) flavor than the fruit itself? You can ask the pastry pros at Floriole, but it’s probably a trade secret. $5.75

5. Éclair at Toni Patisserie

65 E. Washington St., 312-726-2020; 51 S. Washington St., Hinsdale, 630-789-2020
After 20 years in the biz, you bet Toni has the art of pâte à choux down pat. This cream-filled beauty comes out so sophisticated your morning doughnut will get jealous. $2.75

6. Exotic Egg at Patisserie Coralie

600 Davis St., Evanston, 847-905-0491
Manuel Bouillet’s résumé includes a stint at a beloved Paris patisserie, and his creations scream highbrow, but don’t hold that against his whimsical, creamy coconut-and-mango egg. $6.30