Akahoshi Ramen
Photograph: Mike Satinover

1 Akahoshi Ramen

What:The hottest table in town is at this years-in-the-making ramen joint from Mike Satinover, better known as Ramen Lord on the internet.
Why:Taste the fruits of this self-taught chef’s labor — his signature Akahoshi Miso is made with a miso blend, Sapporo-style noodles, and lard. Tip: Don’t worry if you can’t snag a res. Seats are held open for walk-in diners.
Where:2340 N. California Ave., Logan Square Website


Golden Years
Photograph: Wade Hall

2 Golden Years

What:A ’70s-inspired cocktail bar from the Moonflower team
Why:Relax to a soundtrack of David Bowie and sip the refreshing Florida, with sloe gin and grapefruit.
Where:1938 W. Chicago Ave., East Ukrainian Village Website


Photograph: Jeff Marini

3 Bonyeon

What:Where’s the beef? At this 12-seat all-beef omakase from Sangtae Park (Omakase Yume, TenGoku Aburiya).
Why:Get to know the Korean dining trend through 12 courses, which range from tartare to grilled beef.
Where:651 W. Washington Blvd., West Loop Website


Photograph: Sandy Noto

4 Valedor

What:Mexico meets Japan at this sleek new bar that’s just right for date night.
Why:The mash-up manifests itself in sakeritas and snacks like birria takoyaki and al pastor gyoza.
Where:1620 N. Milwaukee Ave., Bucktown Website


Terra e Mare
Photograph: Kinship

5 Terra e Mare

What:A personal take on Italian from chef Noah Zamler (Irene’s)
Why:His sourdough cavatelli cacio e pepe is a grown-up version of the one he ate while studying in Rome.
Where:404 S. Wells St., Loop Website


Gangnam Market
Photograph: Gangnam Market

6 Gangnam Market

What:A vibrant Asian market and food court with counters for sushi, ramen, egg sandwiches, and more
Why:If you love snacking, welcome to paradise: The selection of potato chips and other salty goodies is epic.
Where:1001 W. Chicago Ave., River West Website


Photograph: Matthew Reeves

7 Nettare

What:Midwestern flavors and ingredients take center stage at this all-day spot.
Why:Chef John Dahlstrom (BLVD) serves up fun plates like fried giardiniera pâte à choux.
Where:1953 W. Chicago Ave., West Town Website


Photograph: Ryan Gorey

8 Gaoku

What:A Japanese-Thai izakaya serving elevated bites and cocktails
Why:Try karaage dunked in tangy Thai chile aïoli alongside a Japanese peach-infused whisky smash.
Where:2759 W. Augusta Blvd., Humboldt Park Website


Voodoo Doughnut
Photograph: Voodoo Doughnut

9 Voodoo Doughnut

What:The iconic Portland spot makes a home in the West Loop.
Why:Expect signature weirdo sweets, like vanilla-iced rounds topped with bubblegum dust.
Where:945 W. Randolph St., West Loop Website


Cindy’s Rooftop
Photograph: Chicago Athletic Association

10 Cindy’s Rooftop

What:Warm up at the Teeny Tiny Tropical Bar on the terrace through March.
Why:Snack on jackfruit sliders and sip transporting cocktails while taking in the park view.
Where:12 S. Michigan Ave., Loop Website