Opened in September by William Dlugokienski, a former Northwestern University event planner, this small Andersonville storefront (5135 N. Clark St.) boasts plants galore and an array of locally handcrafted containers. Three of our favorite collections:

Brian Bullock vase

Brian Bullock’s Skyline Tributes

The ceramic artist presents the Chicago horizon in abstract form with these boxy vases.
From $55


Dara Schuman vase

Dara Schuman’s Geometric Vessels

It was love at first high-school art class for this creator, who plays with glazing techniques and geometry.
From $48


Fabiel Campos vase

Fabiel Campos’s Reclaimed Creations

Sourcing wood from fallen maple and walnut trees, Campos sculpts his wares using antique chisels.
From $50