Anyone who thinks that “frozen cocktail” is code for “weak drink” needs to get out more.

Things changed last summer, when Parson’s Chicken & Fish (2952 W. Armitage Ave., 773-384-3333) introduced the Negroni Slushy, a mash-up of a cocktail and a snow cone. This was no piña colada with a paper umbrella. After it arrived, you could practically hear every mixologist in town crushing ice to come up with new ideas.

And did they ever. Here are three new ones to try:

  • The Last Word ($8) is a Crayola-green mound of shaved ice heavy on the gin and lime at Red Door (2118 N. Damen Ave., 773-697-7221).
  • The creamy Coconut Painkiller ($8) is perfect for staving off the burn of the fiery soup at High Five Ramen (112 N. Green St.).
  • The frozen mai tai ($11) at the Dawson (730 W. Grand Ave., 312-243-8955) is a tart drink with housemade orgeat syrup. It's so popular that the crew special-ordered a machine to keep an endless supply on hand for patio patrons.

Summer drinking should always be this cool.