Six varieties of rice krispies treats
Photo: Jeff Marini

1. Salted and Buttered Popcorn

A savory blast of movie-theater-style popcorn is marshmallow’s ideal match, producing easily the best flavor combo of the bunch. $3. Summer House Santa Monica, 1954 N. Halsted St.

2. Pork Floss and Seaweed

Consuming a sweet snack shot through with pork floss, seaweed, and sesame seeds and topped with fish-sauce-flavored caramel and fried shallots sounds like a dare. But leave it to the Fat Rice crew to make the taste oddly alluring. $6. Bakery at Fat Rice, 2951 W. Diversey Ave.

3. Confetti with Buttercream

The ooey-gooiest specimen is loaded with sprinkles, then slapped with a thick layer of Sweet Mandy B’s signature buttercream frosting. It’s cereal treat meets cake—meets sugar coma. $4.50. Sweet Mandy B’s, 1208 W. Webster Ave.

4. S’Mores-Like

Graham cracker, chocolate, and marshmallow (even whole ones sprinkled on top for good measure) are all accounted for. A heck of a lot easier than building a fire. $4. Goddess and Grocer, multiple locations,

5. Citrus Brown Butter

When pastry chef extraordinaire Dana Cree gets in on a trend, you know it’s the real deal. Her rich, well-balanced treats are flavored, variously, with lemon, grapefruit, tangerine, and orange zest. $3. Publican Quality Meats, 825 W. Fulton Market

6. Raspberry and White Chocolate

One way to glam up the characteristically homely snack: Pack it with housemade raspberry ’mallows, freeze-dried berries, and white chocolate chips. $3.50. XO Marshmallow, 6977 N. Sheridan Rd.