Devotees of pale ale, meet Mo’Psyche, a new offering flowing from the taps of the North Side’s busy three-month-old BreakRoom Brewery. With a lower alcohol by volume (5.3 percent) but no lack of hoppiness, this rye pale ale justifies straying from your beloved IPA for the night. Its wonderfully complex flavor comes from a mix of subtly spicy rye malt and Mosaic hops—a newish variety packing palate-pleasing floral, tropical, and piny notes.

A good brew calls out for an edible accompaniment, and with seasoned chef Dirk Flanigan (Gage) in the kitchen, it’s wise to answer that call. Flanigan says the smoky flavor of his wood-grilled Idaho trout is Mo’Psyche’s ideal mate. (Chef knows best, but it’s tough to pass up the impossibly juicy burger.)

Finally, what’s with the name? It’s a play on “mosaic” and, according to head brewer Eric Padilla, is “a combination of ‘more’ and ‘psyche,’ so I guess you might get a little more soul from drinking it.” You may not buy into that, but you’ll definitely order a second round. 2925 W. Montrose Ave.