Erika Kubick
Photo: Jeff Marini

Jasper Hill Farm Harbison

“Super gooey, and wrapped in spruce bark for a taste of place. I filled a wheel of it with hot pasta to make mac and cheese on my Instagram, and people thought it was blasphemous. But what’s the difference between dipping a baguette into cheese and dumping in some noodles?” Available at All Together Now, 2119 W. Chicago Ave., West Town

Sartori SarVecchio

“One of the first cheeses I fell in love with. It’s basically like a young Wisconsin Parmesan. It’s got all these crunchy little crystals, and it tastes like pineapple and grass.” Available at Whole Foods

Rogue River Blue

“I pull out a blue cheese like this one and make people taste it with dark chocolate. They’re like, ‘What just occurred on my palate?’ Blue is naturally fudgy and luscious, and with chocolate makes this complementary sexy couple, like Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga.” Seasonally available at Eataly, 43 E. Ohio St., River North

Le Pommier Camembert

“A barny, earthy, mean Camembert. It’s like hoof stank. I love it with toasted nori sheets — the briny, salty umami punch just works with this cheese.” Available at Mariano’s