Photo: Jeff Marini

1 Half Acre Stacks of Wheat (above)

What:A golden wheat ale brewed to celebrate the Art Institute’s Monet and Chicago show
Why:Don’t want to go to the museum? Sip this in your own backyard Giverny.


Moody Tongue Juiced Lychee IPA
Photo: Jeff Marini

2 Moody Tongue Juiced Lychee IPA

What:An IPA … with lychee juice. Try and keep up.
Why:Brewmaster Jared Rouben says it’s a perfect pairing for tacos al pastor, so that’s tonight’s dinner sorted.
Where:Moody Tongue, Bronzeville


Pollyanna Lite Thinking
Photo: Pollyanna Brewing Company

3 Pollyanna Lite Thinking

What:A crushable lager from one of the area’s most underrated breweries
Why:You only drink the best — this won a gold at the Great American Beer Festival.


Illuminated Black Fang
Photo: Wally List

4 Illuminated Black Fang

What:A Dark Matter coffee–infused imperial stout made for Kuma’s Corner
Why:Illuminated zags where others zig, and sipping this monster in the heat is the biggest zag of all.


Mikerphone La Cucalaga
Photo: Courtesy of Mikerphone Brewing

5 Mikerphone La Cucalaga

What:A tart Mexican-style lager infused with lime
Why:If you gravitate toward light beers with a lime wedge jammed into them, this saves you a step.
Where:Mikerphone, Elk Grove Village


Maplewood Tiger Mountain
Photo: Maplewood Brewery & Distillery

6 Maplewood Tiger Mountain

What:A refreshing helles lager with hints of lemon
Why:Maplewood often brews pastry ales, but they’re no one-trick pony — they nailed this traditional Munich-style beer.


Begyle Sunny Afternoon
Photo: Courtesy of Begyle

7 Begyle Sunny Afternoon

What:An American pale ale with slight heft from oats
Why:With grapefruit and tropical notes, this is the perfect pick while lazin’ on a — well, you get the idea.
Where:Begyle, North Center


Revolution Rosa
Photo: Revolution Brewing

8 Revolution Rosa

What:A floral, tart hibiscus ale
Why:Revolution almost retired Rosa this year, but you can drink this summer classic for one more season.
Where:Revolution Taproom, Avondale, and Brewpub, Logan Square


Solemn Oath Lü Radler
Photo: Solemn Oath Brewery

9 Solemn Oath Lü Radler

What:An award-winning Kölsch mixed with grapefruit soda
Why:It’s become a key part of the summer drinking rotation for a reason (a thirst-quenching reason).
Where:Solemn Oath, Naperville


Goose Island So-Lo
Photo: Goose Island Beer Company

10 Goose Island So-Lo

What:A low-alcohol, low-cal IPA that’s crisp and well balanced, so you can quaff it all afternoon
Why:Unlike other light styles, it actually has, you know, flavor.