Sarah Cochran, a former pastry chef at Stephanie Izard’s Goat empire, now runs Ice Cream Girl, a delivery and takeout ice cream shop. Here are three of her must-try summer flavors. $9 a pint.

You Do The Hokey Pokey ice cream
Photography: Sarah Cochran

1. You Do The Hokey Pokey

While visiting New Zealand, Cochran tasted the country’s signature flavor: Hokey Pokey, vanilla ice cream swirled with a “crunchy caramel ribbon” of honeycomb candy. When she couldn’t find the flavor in the States, she started making her own honeycomb and smashing it into vanilla.


Strawberry Lime Fields Forever ice cream

2. Strawberry Lime Fields Forever

When a coworker suggested this flavor pairing to Cochran, she ran with it. She infuses the cream with both lime zest and juice, then folds in fresh strawberries and more lime zest for a tangy and refreshing take on a classic sherbet.


Cookies ’N Cream That’s Mint To Be

3. Cookies ’N Cream That’s Mint To Be

Cochran taps into her pastry chef background with three cookies-and-cream offerings. This one combines chocolate cookies (think of Oreo wafers) and ice cream made with fresh mint (a far cry from most versions, which call for extract).