In their quest for grocery store supremacy, makers of packaged foods and drinks are relying on increasingly bizarre spinoffs of their old standbys. Witness MillerCoors’s January announcement of a bourbon-tinged beer and Mondelez’s February release of Cookie Dough and Marshmallow Crispy Oreos.

So when Chicago-based Wrigley, the maker of Skittles, recently created a limited-edition Desserts version of the 32-year-old candy, I knew there was no time to waste.

Finding it was a challenge. A Wrigley spokeswoman told me that the new Skittles were available at “retailers nationwide,” yet I failed to locate any at Walgreens, Target, or CVS. Finally, I scored a 14-ounce pack at Walmart for $2.48, as well as Original Fruit and Wild Berry Skittles for comparison.

The secretive company won’t divulge what flavorings it used (the label, unhelpfully, calls them “natural and artificial flavors”). But presumably Wrigley can afford the best food scientists on the planet.

Did they nail the five new flavors: Blueberry Tart, Key Lime Pie, Orange Crème, Raspberry Sorbet, and Strawberry Milkshake? Here are the results of a highly unscientific Chicago office taste test.

A Strawberry Milkshake Skittle

Strawberry Milkshake
Grade: A
Thick and malty. A clear winner.

An Orange Crème Skittle

Orange Crème
Grade: B+
“Tastes like a Creamsicle,” said one tester. “Very milky.”

A Blueberry Tart Skittle

Blueberry Tart
Grade: B
“Generic berry,” just like anything in the Wild Berry pack.

A Raspberry Sorbet Skittle

Raspberry Sorbet
Grade: B
“It reminds me of pomegranate vodka,” one taster said.

A Key Lime Pie Skittle

Key Lime Pie
Grade: C
Zero lime flavor. “Just citrus” and “not desserty at all.”