All the drinks at the Sixth, Benjamin Schiller’s (Berkshire Room) new lounge in Lincoln Square, share a playful spirit. One’s served with a flower suspended in ice; another rests atop a fishbowl filled with perfumed smoke. The Silly Rabbit ($12), though, is a DIY flight of fancy inspired by a children’s cereal. You pour a gin and lemon mixture (a take on the classic Southside) from a carafe into a glass containing four Crayola-colored, fruit-flavored ice cubes. As they melt, they infuse the mixture with potent, juicy flavors (lemon, orange, raspberry, and grape). To give things more of a grown-up feel, you’re also handed a dropper bottle of a mint tincture to adjust the drink’s saccharine edges to your taste. Trix may be for kids, but this cocktail definitely isn’t. 2200 W. Lawrence Ave.