Pothole #1, 4631 N. Kenton Ave.  Photos: Courtesy of the artist

Here’s a reason to embrace our winter weather: Without it, we wouldn’t have so many potholes, and without so many potholes, we wouldn’t have pothole art—specifically, the Chicago magazine March 2017 cover, by Jim Bachor whimsical tile mosaics that Jim Bachor has been clandestinely embedding in patches of broken pavement around the city since 2013. The 52-year-old artist has installed more than 40 such mosaics, garnering worldwide attention. He was recently invited to install a few in Finland. “The streets there were in pretty good shape,” he says, “so they custom-dug a few potholes for me.” His most recent creation—Chicago’s Cupid, near the corner of Lamon and Ainslie—was commissioned by Chicago for this issue’s cover. More of our local favorites are shown here.

Push Up, 835-849 N. Hudson Ave.
Burberry, 1362 W. Fulton St.