To call the building housing Music Direct—one of the nation’s most exceptional emporiums of ultra-high-end audio equipment and rare vinyl—nondescript isn’t doing its blandness justice. The unmarked, low-slung structure on a semi-industrial stretch of Bryn Mawr just west of Ravenswood looks like it adamantly doesn’t want to be found. But inside, it’s an audiophile’s Shangri-la, complete with a temperature-controlled warehouse and private listening rooms. In the market for a $2,000 Delos phono cartridge? A $4,500 McIntosh integrated amplifier? A $350 out-of-print Beatles in Mono box set? Music Direct has got it. And you don’t have to be a stereo nerd to shop here. What matters, says vice president Josh Bizar, is that you care about music: “If that is you, then we have something here that will make you happy.”