1It’s on a lake.

2It’s so quiet you can hear the power lines buzz.

3Its name is fun to say.

4It has its own fishing and hunting club.

5If you walk east on 134th Street, you end up in Indiana, and crossing a state line on foot isn’t something you do every day.

6If you walk west, you cross an avenue called Carondolet, which is also fun to say.

7You can pick up a copy of the Hegewisch Times, which runs recipes for baked upside-down French toast and homemade dog treats.

8There are at least five bars, and not one of them is hip.

9One of those bars, Steve’s (pictured), has a taxidermied stag’s head and a huge collection of hand-painted porcelain liquor decanters.

10According to a regular, those decanters are still full of booze.