Smoked oysters at Roister
The Fat Shallot Photo: Jeff Marini

1 The Ruin Daily

Why confine the cheese to inside the sandwich? This one’s coated in crunchy fried Parmesan. $7. 328 S. Jefferson St., Loop

2 The Fat Shallot

Mild Muenster develops some muscle with help from spinach and bits of deeply caramelized onion. $7. 2468 N. Clark St., Lincoln Park

3 Sauce and Bread Kitchen

For maximum gooeyness, SBK adds a hearty slathering of pimento spread to a Chihuahua cheese base. $9. 6338 N. Clark St., Edgewater

4 Same Day Cafe

The benefit of baking your own bread: You can create just the right crumb for your country loaf to create plenty of golden-brown, shatter-crisp crevices. $9. 2651 N. Kedzie Ave., Logan Square