Manny the Frenchie, Instagram star with 1.1 million followers


Chestnut & Grace Alaskan Salmon, Oat & Apple Entrée, $7 for 1 pound Ingredients Salmon, oats, carrots, apples, olive oil, flax seed oil, and a nutrient blend The promise “Hand-crafted dog food, 100% human-grade ingredients”

Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Raw Chicken Dinner Patties (from Kriser’s), $14 for 5.5 ounces Ingredients Chicken and a bunch of fruits, veggies, and nutrients The promise “Only the good stuff”

Evanger’s Chicken Dinner, $2.30 for 13 ounces Ingredients Chicken, liver, spinach, kale, and a blend of nutrients The promise “Grain and gluten free!”

Alpo Prime Cuts, $1.25 for 13 ounces Ingredients Beef, bacon, cheese ... and a laundry list of additives The promise “100% complete & balanced for adult dogs”


Round 1

Chestnut & Grace vs. Stella & Chewy’s
Manny took a few sniffs of the salmon — the most artisanal option — before housing a whole plate of the reconstituted chicken. Winner Stella & Chewy’s

Evanger’s vs. Alpo
Manny jumped on the Alpo like, well, a bulldog on a steak, then took a break for a little chicken before returning to finish off the beef. Winner Alpo

Final Round

Stella & Chewy’s vs. Alpo
Stella & Chewy’s got the sniff of death before Manny gobbled another plate of the canned classic. Winner Alpo