Photograph: Jason Little

Favorite dog parks
Logan Square Dog Park and Montrose Dog Beach

Favorite snacks
Peanut butter and Colby Jack cheese sticks

Favorite spot for rubs
“Belly, booty, under his neck, and his head,” Vivian says. “Anywhere, he’s going to like it.”

Best trick
Sit and shake. (Vivian taught him.)


Quirky habit
“When he walks, he likes to collect leaves in his mouth and bring them back home,” Vivian says.

How his life has changed since Lightfoot became mayor
“We have a little more company when we take him for a walk,” Eshleman says. “The police officers in front of our house all love him.”

Relationship with the mayor
“Whenever she walks in the door, no matter what kind of day she’s having, Hank comes running and everything melts away,” Eshleman says. “He also likes to steal the mayor’s socks.”