Graham Elliot
Graham Elliot

In 2004 Graham Elliot Bowles was named executive chef at Avenues, where he quickly won raves. In 2008 he left Avenues, shortened his name, and opened Graham Elliot in River North. In 2010 he launched Grahamwich, his New-Agey sandwich shop on State Street. Now the big guy is about to join the Randolph Street party with G.E.B.

How will G.E.B. differ from Graham Elliot?
Graham Elliot focuses on multicourse tasting menus and refinement and artistry. G.E.B. will be doing no more than three ingredients on a plate, with fundamental techniques that highlight the craft of cooking as opposed to the artistry.

Nothing will be over $20.

How about cocktails?
We will have a lot of Hawaiian- and tiki-inspired drinks.

What will G.E.B. look like?
Church meets rock ’n’ roll. We are going to have reclaimed pews as the banquettes and a confessional screen wrapping around the kitchen.

Is Randolph Street in danger of sinking under the weight of so many restaurants?
No. I am a firm believer in the more the merrier.


Photograph: Anthony Tahlier