Sweet potato, carrot, and apple juice; kale, spinach, and romaine juice; pomegranate, red grape, and lime juice; blueberry, basil, and orange juice; and a Marcona almond milk, coconut water, and kale drink
1. Sweet potato, carrot, apple 2. Kale, spinach, romaine 3. Pomegranate, red grape, lime 4. Blueberry, basil, orange 5. Marcona almond milk, coconut water, kale Photos: Anna Knott

What happens when a cool chef such as Jared Van Camp (Nellcôte, RM, Kinmont), who has discovered that cold-pressed juices with breakfast and lunch help him combat his type 1 diabetes, meets a hip entrepreneur such as Anne Owen? They brainstorm their way into Owen + Alchemy, a new eight-seat chef-driven liquid apothecary.

Anne Owen and Jared Van Camp

Due to open in June, the place will offer more than 30 fruit juices, nut milks, and smoothies. “We will have a basic green—kale, parsley, spinach, celery—but with riffs,” says Van Camp. “We will definitely be doing something funny and a little weird with asparagus, in season, when we open.”

Owen is a smoothie girl during the day—she says it balances out her love of eating, drinking, and entertaining at night.

At O+A, you too can learn the joys and benefits of apple ginger juice and watermelon smoothies. Pulp fiction no more.

2355 N. Milwaukee Ave.