If you build one of the best bowls of ramen in the city, they will come. In the case of Furious Spoon, they came in such numbers during the restaurant’s first weeks that the kitchen ran out of ingredients more than once.

The initial frenzy has died down a bit (but only a very little bit), which means you can probably squeeze your way in to appreciate the spot’s signature dish: a steaming bowl of springy housemade noodles mottled with pork belly, a perfectly runny egg, sweet-salty marinated mushrooms, and a fiery miso broth (pictured). It makes for a satisfying (and, at $12, reasonable) meal all on its own.

No wonder: The chef, Shin Thompson (Kabocha, Bonsoirée), comes from ramen-­making stock—his grandfather ran a small shop on the Japanese island of Hokkaido in the 1960s. 1571 N. Milwaukee Ave., 773-687-8445