“We avoided the boozy beverages of the East Coast, like old fashioneds and Manhattans, in favor of the West Coast’s, which are about fresh ingredients and lower proofs,” says Alex Renshaw (Drumbar). He, along with fellow classically trained mixologists Brian Sturgulewski (Black Bull) and Clint Rogers (Dawson), designed Presidio’s menu.

This sessionable beaut—a result of syrup experimentation by Renshaw and Sturgulewski—combines sherry that’s been oxidized for maximum flavor, ripe bananas prepared sous vide in brown sugar and then strained, and fresh lemon juice. It’s garnished with aromatic nutmeg and freeze-dried banana slices.

For those averse to sherry or bananas: Don’t write off this one. It’s silky smooth, complex, and far from too sweet. And it’s like nothing you’ve ever tasted. “We’re living outside our comfort zone and using new techniques for this region,” says Sturgulewski. Cheers to a bold new drinking frontier. 1749 N. Damen Ave.