Best burger
A memorable burger in an outré location. This thick patty is so juicy, tender, and beefy that you will forget you are in a medical center building. 259 E. Erie St., Streeterville


Best pie
A Key lime pie for the ages. The thick, buttery graham cracker crust, dense and punchy lime filling, and giant puff of whipped cream give it a timeless taste. 20 N. Michigan Ave., Millennium Park


Best toast
A toast almost too adorable to eat. A hefty slice of skillet-seared bread gets slathered with zingy seasonal jam and topped with a precious molded foie gras owl. 2928 N. Broadway, Lake View

The Angry Crab

Best crab legs
The ultimate messy crackin’ crab legs experience. Sit at a picnic table and fish your dinner out of a ginormous plastic bag. 5665 N. Lincoln Ave., West Rogers Park

Illustrations: Giacomo Bagnara