Hi, I’m John, and I’m an egg-o-holic. I think about having an egg first thing in the morning. I’ve never met a sandwich that isn’t the better for a fried egg. I will eat an omelet for dinner and not think twice.

Not surprisingly, I love this restaurant, the first city location of a cheekily named Indian eatery. Egg-O-Holic serves dozens of Gujarati-style egg dishes, ranging from soupy curries to flavorful heaps of rice to double-decker egg panini. In fact, start there: The anda masala holds one layer of chopped boiled egg in a tingly gravy and one layer of grilled white cheese and raw vegetables between crisp griddled bread.

If you ask for a recommendation, you may end up with a plate of surti gotalo ($9.99), a tomato-egg curry topped with two sunny-side-up eggs and one thin roti for scooping. Eggs on eggs. I preferred the green egg rice ($8.99), which seemed to contain equal amounts of egg, mint, butter, and rice. It’s as rich as risotto and as green as the Chicago River on St. Patrick’s Day.

If you’ve quelled your egg cravings, then you can turn to the small nonegg section of the menu and enjoy, say, a chicken kebab ($9.99). I liked it well enough. But this menu makes me want to skip everything else and go on an egg bender.