Southwest Michigan

Ivy blooms on the walls, an iconic red sign greets fans, and a billy goat stands outside. It’s a wonderful day to watch baseball in … Bridgman, Michigan? As it turns out, Wrigleyville’s easternmost outpost is at Getaway Grille & Cubbie Bar (9489 Red Arrow Hwy.), a proud hole in the wall that’s just a short walk and a 50-mile swim from the corner of Clark and Addison. For Chicagoans vacationing in southwest Michigan, there’s no better place to catch a ball game — or cure a bout of homesickness. (Unless you’re a Sox fan, in which case it will make you even sicker of home.) “It’s kind of a Cubs paradise,” says Getaway owner Tom Ackerman, who scouted for the team in the late ’90s.

Ackerman’s family bought the joint in 1983 and converted it into a Cubs bar. These days, guests who ring the cowbell near the entrance are welcomed with a chorus of “Holy cow!” from the regulars. Memorabilia — from cardboard cutouts of players to Wrigley-style signage — covers the walls like ivy. The menu nods to Cubs lore with artery cloggers like the Ryne Sandburger, Sutcliffe’s 16–1 Italian Beef, and Prior’s 15 Day DL, a burger topped with bacon, ham, nacho cheese, and onion rings (“Eat this one and you may be put on the disabled list”). Now that’s a combination even Sox fans can get behind.