I’m one of those obnoxious, annoying people who genuinely loves coming to work,” proclaims Fox 32 entertainment anchor Jake Hamilton. A Texas native and huge film buff, he studied broadcast journalism at the University of Houston but afterward traded Lone Star sunshine for Windy City weather. Now 35, Hamilton has logged nearly a decade’s worth of interviews with A-list stars for the morning show Good Day Chicago (plus his podcast, Reel Blend) and has won three local Emmys. His job requires that he wake well before dawn, and he walks from his Streeterville home to the TV studio — it’s “almost a mile to the step,” he says. “Whenever I consider living anywhere else, I think, Well, if I do that, I’ll have to add two more miles to my steps every day.”

A Peloton bike
Photograph: Peloton

What’s your favorite way to exercise?

“During the pandemic, I was one of those people who bought a Peloton. I go to the gym in my building in the afternoon and use the machines, then pop back to my apartment and bang out some Peloton miles.”

How do you find energy to work out?

“God, do I love a nap day! If I can sleep for 90 minutes in the early afternoon, then I’m more likely to go to the gym.”

How has your lifestyle changed over the years?

“Five years ago, I went through a bad breakup and turned 30. I was never a gym guy and didn’t have to watch what I ate, but I thought, I want to feel good mentally and physically. I knew I had to change my diet because workouts won’t matter if I couple them with nightly Chipotle bowls. I found a way to take things I loved and make them healthier. I still love chicken Caesar salad, but I use light dressing with lemon juice and swap romaine for kale and arugula. But on the weekend, if my friends want pizza … absolutely, we eat pizza.”

You watch movies for a living. What’s your go-to snack?

“Popcorn could consume most of my diet. Instead, I treat it as something for a special occasion. Checking out the newest superhero blockbuster? Sure, let’s grab some popcorn. Small, independent drama? I’ll grab a salad when I get home.”