1. The Living Room Lounge
1100 W. Cermak Rd.
Forget Dark & Stormy. This Pilsen jazz room, slated for an October grand opening, aims for dark and sexy. Set those hips to swivel.

2. Turtle Bar & Grill
238 W. 33rd St.
Turtle’s owner, Tommy, was born and raised down the block in Bridgeport and says he employs “about 95 percent of the people I know.” The other 5 percent just drink here.

3. 260 Sports Bar
260 W. 26th St.
Where’s the beef? Before long, at this coming-soon Bridgeport watering hole, brought to you by the folks behind the breaded-steak standby Ricobene’s.

4. Vintage Lounge
1449 W. Taylor St.
The best use of a hardware store since Lin-coln Square Lanes? This former shop, now a University Village bar that dials up the swank on weekends.

5. The Bar 10 Doors
1251 W. Taylor St.
It must be this spot’s proximity to UIC that makes its trivia Thursdays so popular. Either that or the $5 martinis.