Sparks is known for massive art-pop productions. What inspired you to tour in a stripped-down two-person format?

When you have a lengthy career, you always want to keep trying to push yourself in ways you haven’t before. We’ve never taken the core elements of Sparks and presented them without the trappings of the recordings.

The tour has been so successful that you released your first live album, Two Hands One Mouth: Live in Europe.

Ron [Mael, my brother] and I weren’t sure how fans would receive it and how critically it would be received. But in general it was really heartwarming to see that people are coming out and taking away something really strong from this presentation.

After a long career spanning more than 20 records, what still inspires you?

Our goal is always to do something fresh within the confines of what pop music is and to keep challenging ourselves and our audience. We feel that there’s a lack of that adventurous spirit in what we hear now. But, you know, we can’t moan about that if we’re not attempting to fill that void that we feel is out there today.

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