Kyle Kinane, a stand-up comic and Chicago native, had a red-hot American summer in 2013. He curated a comedy special for the TBS Just for Laughs Festival in June and appeared as an inebriated talking head on Comedy Central’s Drunk History series in July.

Now, the L.A. transplant comes home to headline at Up Comedy Club from November 14 to 16. Here are four quotes from a recent interview:

On his act

“Introspective, self-observational, personal. I say the shit about myself that people are usually too scared to say.”

On his storytelling abilities

“I took a lot of writing classes [at Columbia College], trying to be entry-level Charles Bukowski. Young writers take themselves very seriously in college.”

On his biggest comedic influence

“Anybody that started in Chicago in the past 10 or 15 years is indebted to comedian Dwayne Kennedy. When I’d go to comedy clubs, he’d have this presence—he’d settle into a bit with no rush, no urgency.”

On his favorite local dive

“Chicago’s Pizza gets at least one and a half thumbs up, just for staying open at many a wild hour.”

$20. Up Comedy Club, 230 W. North.