Black Iron Tavern

Michael Taus (Taus Authentic) strikes the River West bar scene while the iron’s hot. Browse photos of our night out at the West Town bar. 401 N. Milwaukee Ave. Website

The Cotton Duck

Specialty “spirit-free cocktails” are officially a thing. 941 N. Damen Ave. Website


See “Unwind with GreenRiver’s Gray Wolf Cocktail.” Check out pics of our visit to the restaurant/bar. 259 E. Erie St. Website


At 10 p.m., the Wrigleyville-appropriate “Brocountry”—beer pong, flip cup, and Top 40 music—ensues. Look at photos from our outing to the Clark Street bar. 3343 N. Clark St. Website

Replay Andersonville

Galaga with sides of bourbon and bacon. See the photos from our recent visit. 5358 N. Clark St. Website