Miso Caramel Apple pie from Floriole

Miso Caramel Apple


Photos: Jeff Marini

Floriole has long sold miso-laced caramels, and this year owner Sandra Holl infused her good ol’ apple pie with a dash of the same salty Japanese seasoning. A mix of sweet and tart Michigan apples (like Golden Delicious, Mutsus, and Empires) mingle with white miso caramel to give this double-crust creation a curious complexity. $35 for a whole pie. 1220 W. Webster Ave., Lincoln Park

Laser pie from Brown Sugar Bakery


Brown Sugar Bakery

In this unabashedly sweet pie (which gets its name from the Lupe Fiasco album Lasers), custardy sweet potato filling is baked in a buttery crust, then dressed with squiggles of caramel and chocolate and topped with chopped pecans. Sure, it’s crazy rich, but live a little — it’s the holidays. $19 for a whole pie. 328 E. 75th St., Chatham

Bleu Cheese Praline Pear pie from Justice of the Pies

Bleu Cheese Praline Pear

Justice of the Pies

For the sugar shunner at your Thanksgiving dinner, this bold little number plays up the classic fruit-cheese pairing while keeping the sweetness in check. The filling melds tender pear and salty blue cheese crumbles and sits in a savory butter crust. A finishing drizzle of rich praline sauce adds yin to yang. $30 for a whole pie. justiceofthepies.com

Cranberry Yuzu Meringue pie from Spinning J

Cranberry Yuzu Meringue

Spinning J

Owner Dinah Grossman makes estimable meringue pies all year long, but this seasonal offering is the most intriguing. She artfully swirls curd made from cranberries and bright yuzu for a tart-sweet synchrony, then crowns the pie with toasted meringue peaks. It’s a refreshing finale for a gut-busting holiday spread. $35 for a whole pie. 1000 N. California Ave., Humboldt Park

Caramel Apple Cider pie from Spilt Milk

Caramel Apple Cider

Spilt Milk

Autumn on a pie plate: Apple cider is reduced to a syrup and mixed with slices of at least three apple varieties, hit with a dash of cinnamon, and baked to fragrant perfection with a brown butter crumble. Begs to be served warm. $30 for a whole pie. 103 S. Oak Park Ave., Oak Park