The next great post-pub-crawl fare has arrived in Logan Square. The Radler folks are slinging the beloved Berlin street food döner—based on a Turkish dish of spit-roasted meat rolled in a wrap—till late (2 a.m. on weekends) in this airy, mural-painted counter spot behind their rustic German beer hall.

For $8 apiece, you get a choice of filling (chicken, pork, chickpea, or mushroom), sauce (harissa, tahini mayo, or herb yogurt), and vessel (pita, durum wrap, or lettuce). DAS’s namesake version blends succulent pork, feta, marinated cukes, and sun-dried tomatoes with heady harissa and garlicky mayo. Mixing the sauces is a good call. In fact, try all three on the paprika-tinged braised chicken or on the mushroom filling, already savory with hazelnuts, garlic, and lemon.

Add a Germanish side ($3)—mustardy potato salad or baked beans with zingy Haus Kraut—and stay for a few beers (all tallboy cans, $3 or $6) or DAS’s more potent daily rum punch ($8), especially if you’re a crawler with more night yet to go. 2855 W. Fullerton Ave. 773-276-0270