At Bar Siena—splashy chef Fabio Viviani’s more sports-bar-esque follow-up to Siena Tavern—all of the specialty cocktails are solid. But the bourbon-based "No. 8" is downright great.

The restaurant’s mixologist, Revae Schneider, calls her throat-warming creation “a twist on the whiskey sour.” For the base, she uses Old Forester, the OG bottled bourbon that’s rich, caramelly, and capable of winning over brown-liquor haters. Luxardo Bitter imparts an orangy bite with a sweet hit; pear and lemon juices meld to create a warm, citrusy flavor. Throw in a sprig of rosemary and a dash of Schneider’s own honey-infused, spicy ginger syrup, which puts its played-out pumpkin-spice brethren to shame, and you’ve got a frothy glassful of exactly what you want to be drinking this fall. 832 W. Randolph St.