You’ve probably seen them—those supersleek, from-the-future-looking overalls that have become a kind of uniform for Chance the Rapper. “After I made the first pair, I just knew they’d be popular,” says Sheila Rashid, the 29-year-old Kenwood Academy grad who designs and sews the bibs (from $300) in her Little Village studio. Since Chance wore the overalls last year on Saturday Night Live, at the MTV Video Music Awards, and in Billboard magazine, Rashid’s been racing to keep up with orders from celebrity stylists and customers in New York, London, and Tokyo.

This fall, Rashid debuts her first collection: unisex selvage denim jackets with matching jeans, minimalist cotton tops, olive denim pants with detailed stitching, and the overalls—except now in a ’90s-throwback floral pattern. A selection will be available at boutiques throughout the city, but pieces will mostly be made to order and sold through Rashid’s website. The self-taught seamstress (she briefly studied fashion design at Columbia College) dreams of outfitting Céline Dion someday—not such a stretch now that Law Roach, an in-demand Chicago stylist and friend of Rashid’s, is dressing the singer. “I totally see Céline in one of the long denim jackets with a hood,” Rashid says.