Hong sue pork belly
Hong sue pork belly Photo: Jeff Marini

I loved this Shanghai-meets-Sichuan storefront in Bridgeport so much that I was moved to sing its praises. Literally. Verses to be sung to the tune of … well, see above.

First get a stir-fry of fresh knife-cut noodles
On top is a chicken, the whole kit and caboodle
Braised necks and legs, breasts, thighs, feet, and wings
These are a few of my favorite things

I must sing the praises of yang chow fried rice
With roast pork and shrimp, it’s tender and nice
Also, hong sue pork belly so tender it sings
These are some more of my favorite things

The room is most comfy, the service sublime
I’ve been here three times, so that must be a sign
I crave jin cheng pork ribs with a spicy zing
Yes, there’s still more of my favorite things

Try the smoked fish!
Try the hot pots!
Try the beef tendon!
You cannot go wrong here, it’s like paradise
But don’t dare miss thaaaaaat fried rice.