Canelés from Recette
1. Matcha 2. Sea salt caramel 3. Pistachio and rose water 4. Raspberry jam Photo: Jeff Marini

As someone who spent an entire semester abroad in Paris rolling from patisserie to patisserie, an éclair in each hand, I like to pretend I know a thing or two about pastries. So please, when I say to you that the canelés that Jenny McCoy has been selling at farmers’ markets and events around town are the best baked goods I’ve eaten in recent memory, know that I mean it. Hers have the textbook snap and chew of a well-caramelized exterior, with an almost pudding-like cake inside, every bite both toasty and creamy. If you plan to pick some up, arrive at her stand early, because if you don’t, I’m taking everything she’s got for myself. $3.25 to $3.50 each,