Illustration: Jeff Rogers

We asked designer Eda Yorulmazoglu, whose outlandish outfits have been worn by Chicago’s top drag performers, to come up with a concept for 2020. Her suggestion: “Go as your sad food-and-wine-spattered quarantine couch.”

1 Find a large rectangular box (24-by-26-by-12-inch will do). Remove one of the box’s long flaps. Cut it lengthwise into four strips and set them aside.

2 Turn the box upside down and cut a circle in the bottom just big enough to fit your head and shoulders through.

3 Poke four small holes at equal distances around the circle. Turn the box right side up and thread a roughly five-foot piece of twine through the two holes on one side, and another piece of the same length through the holes on the other. Knot the four ends underneath so they won’t slip back through. These will be the suspenders that hold the couch up.

4 Lift the long rear flap; tape two of the cardboard strips you cut earlier to the back of the box so that flap stays upright. This is the back of the couch.

5 Use the remaining two cardboard strips and some more tape to prop up the side flaps from underneath. These are the couch’s arms.

6 Glue some fabric or carpet remnants to the outside of the box, then drape and spatter with food and drink of your choice, and maybe a dirty sock or two.