Fly by night

What better way to toast summer’s sendoff than with the season’s bubbliest trend: sparkling cocktails? This sipper is perfect for soaking up dwindling twilights on the new 16th-floor Terrace at Trump (401 N. Wabash Ave.), but for nights when rooftop plans get rained out, we coaxed the recipe out of the Trump’s food and beverage director, Philipp Posch:

1 Tbsp. warm water

4 Tbsp. sugar

Grated rind of an orange

1/2 oz. crème de violette

1 oz. St. Germain

5 oz. prosecco

Prepare a simple syrup by mixing the water and 1 Tbsp. sugar in a small bowl, stirring until dissolved. On a plate, mix the grated orange rind with the remaining sugar. Dip a flute glass into the simple syrup, then into the orange sugar to form a crust on the glass’s rim. Pour the crème de violette and St. Germain into the flute; add prosecco to fill.


Photograph: Anna Knott