PBJ-based treats
Photo: Jeff Marini

1. Negroni at Il Porcellino

Peanut-infused gin blended with jam-infused Campari.
Nostalgia factor:You’re not in the school cafeteria anymore.
$15. 59 W. Hubbard St.

2. Cookies at Floriole

A sweet take on the classic sammie, with a tangy layer of seasonal fruit jam between two peanut butter cookies.
Nostalgia factor:You’ll feel like a kid again.
$1.75 each. 1220 W. Webster Ave.

3. Wings at Jake Melnick’s Corner Tap

Deep-fried chicken wings dressed in peanut sauce and served with raspberry-chipotle dip.
Nostalgia factor:Your inner child goes to college and gets the munchies.
$13. 41 E. Superior St.

4. Croissant at Velvet Dessert

Creamy peanut butter and seasonal jam hide inside a flaky breakfast pastry drizzled with raspberry-glaze.
Nostalgia factor:The flavors of your youth, in French attire.
$4. Multiple locations, velvetdessert.com.

5. Panna Cotta at GT Fish & Oyster

A prettily deconstructed dessert of milk chocolate, mascarpone, peanut butter crémeux, candied shiso, and strawberries.
Nostalgia factor:Your childhood favorite goes baroque.
$10. 531 N. Wells St.

6. Cuban PB&J at Nini’s Deli

Toasted French bread, peanut butter, guava jelly, and fried plantains.
Nostalgia factor:The PBJ meets Elvis in Havana.
$7. 543 N. Noble St.