1. Children Attacked, Abused at Taxpayer-Funded Living Centers

A multi-part series on residential treatment centers for Illinois children begins with chilling findings. The Tribune goes deep in to the state’s frayed safety net.

2. RIP Brother Mike, Poet and Mentor to Chicago’s Hip-Hop Scene

The late multimedia educator came out of the local poetry scene and helped turn the Chicago Public Library’s YouMedia Center into an incubator of talent. The Reader remembers Mike Hawkins.

3. Can This Berry Solve Both Obesity and World Hunger?

Homaro Cantu has huge ambitions for his “miracle fruit,” but they begin at his new north-side spot Berrista Coffee. Smithsonian profiles the chef’s big idea.

4. Life of Pie

How a suburban Chicago woman made pizza delivery possible—and how she’s making her “last stand” by bringing back her signature pizza bags. The Distance talks with Ingrid Kosar.

5. How Emanuel Killed a Statewide Hike in the Minimum Wage

“The proof isn’t absolute. But even if only circumstantial, there’s a lot of it.” Greg Hinz makes his case in Crain’s.

6. Why Robbins Looks So Southern

The small Chicago suburb was built on an abandoned landgrab to appeal to the migrants who settled it, often by the families themselves. Chicago looks back at its history.

7. Who Polices the Police? In Chicago, It’s Increasingly Ex-Cops

Chicago police have killed 116 people and wounded another 258 in the past seven years. According to the Independent Police Review Authority, all were justified. WBEZ investigates the IPRA.

8. Arkansas Red and His Listeners

He’s the star DJ of the University of Chicago’s WHPK, and his “The Blues Excursion” show turns 30 next year. But who’s listening? Gapers Block meets the radio legend and his fans.

9. Shimer College: The Worst School in America?

74 students at the Bronzeville Great Books school would disagree. The Guardian visits the 160-year-old institution.

10. Q&A: Rebecca Dudley, Author of ‘Hank Has a Dream’

An Evanstonian left a decorated career in architecture to build the dreamy dioramas of Storywoods. Chicago sits down with the new author.