1. Know Your Rights

Chicago says it will remain a sanctuary city in the face of Donald Trump’s threats. But what does that mean, and how much of a sanctuary is it? South Side Weekly explores the question.

2. Cook County Courts Raise Bonds for Gun Crimes—But Suspects Getting Out Faster

With fewer arrests being made, dealers are more easily able to bail out suspects despite the increased costs. The Tribune examines the data.

3. Illinois’s High School Grads Are Fleeing the State at Record Speed

Financial aid packages can make state universities elsewhere cheaper than in-state tuition at home. Which means grads who might stick around aren’t coming back. Chicago looks at why it’s happening.

4. Behind the Court Case That Could Shut Down State Government

Illinois’s biggest public union is voting on whether or not to authorize a strike. Meanwhile, the AG is pushing a motion that argues it’s illegal for state workers to be paid. WTTW explains the chaos.

5. The People Left Behind in Chicago’s Failed Housing Projects

The new film They Don’t Give a Damn makes the case that housing is behind the city’s homicide increase. Vice talks to directors Phil James and Kenny Young.

6. After Months of Care and Hope, a Woman Shot in Chicago Dies

27-year-old mother Precious Land was shot last year while driving during Memorial Day weekend. She died on the 13th of January, the 766th homicide victim of 2016. The New York Times updates her story one last time.

7. I Interviewed 300 Syrian Refugees. They Are Far from a Security Threat.

To begin with, Syrian refugees bound for America are generally from the most vulnerable one percent, a process that takes two years to establish. A Northwestern political scientist shares her findings in the Washington Post.

8. The Most Violent Police Beat in Chicago

In one one-half-square mile on the West Side, there were 16 murders and 45 nonfatal shootings in 2016. The Sun-Times visits Beat 1133.

9. Trump’s Tax Plan Could Preserve Millions in Savings for His Businesses

How many millions? It’s hard to say—and Trump Tower in Chicago is a good example why. The Wall Street Journal digs into his opaque finances.

10. Korean Chicken Wings: Spicy, Crispy, Saucy, and Totally Chicago

Back when the part was considered practically waste, two Chinese-Korean chefs a few blocks from each other in Albany Park transformed them into a treat. WBEZ traces their lineage.