1. How West Side Bust Led the Feds to “El Chapo”

Fewer than five ounces and $5,000 dollars led to the most wanted criminal in the world. The Sun-Times reconstructs the trail.

2. The Trials of Stuart V. Goldberg, Chicago’s Flashiest Defense Attorney

He wears $5,000 suits and is driven to work in a Rolls Royce—where he’s a consummate professional, which makes him also one of the busiest criminal-defense lawyers in the city. The Reader looks behind the smile and the suits.

3. CPS Says Englewood Residents Support a Plan to Close Its Schools. Here’s What Really Happened

The school district sought their input, and received a detailed plan. It didn’t include shuttering community institutions. A former co-chair of the Englewood Community Action Council tells her side of the story for Chicago magazine.

4. Fredo Santana’s Influence Is Immeasurable

To the wider world he might have been in the shadow of his cousin Chief Keef, but the late rapper was a critical hub in the Chicago scene. Noisey evaluates his legacy.

5. The End of Marquette Photo Supply, One of Chicago’s Last Camera Shops

When he passed away at 93, it ended 73 years of business in Chicago Lawn. Chicago Patterns looks back in pictures.

6. The Doomsday Clock Is the Gimmick We Need to Think About Nuclear Tensions

The “informed but somewhat arbitrary” threat assessment is an odd but useful reminder of risk. The Verge considers the local institution.

7. The Radium Girls: An Illinois Tragedy

It’s likely that thousands of watch-dial painters died over the many decades glow-in-the-dark radium paint was used. In Ottawa, the poisoning went on for decades. Illinois Issues tells the history.

8. Five Places Where You Can Still See Remnants of the Chicago Fire

Look up: St. James Cathedral in River North still bears char marks in its bell tower. Smithsonian gives a tour.

9. The Cubs Still Need Yu Darvish

They might be a “super team,” but so are several others. To compete, they need to lock down one of the best free agents on the market. Fangraphs makes the case.

10. Should Chicago Worry About Its Crime in Wooing Amazon? Sure—So Should Other Finalists

Observers think its rep will hurt, but its actual numbers are comparable to other cities, and by some measures it’s safer than others. Chicago magazine charts it out.