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Many photo editors get to travel to the likes of Paris and Milan for glamorous fashion shoots. Given the local nature of this magazine, I find that most of my travels for work often are decidedly unglamorous. In early April, I donned pigtails, galoshes, and my "I Support Organic Farmers" T-shirt and headed out to a farm near LaGrange, Indiana. Photographer Kevin Banna, his assistants Bjorn Kavanaugh and Stevie Rischow, and I spent a day with farmer Greg Gunthorp and his pigs (See "Hello, Beautiful!" from our June issue)...

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If you're Irish like me—and a South Sider to boot—you know that St. Patrick's Day isn't just a day. Basically, the entire month of March is St. Paddy's Day. The festivities generally kick off with the South Side Irish Parade, which was held this past Sunday.

To get you in the spirit of celebration, we present a collection of photos from South Side Irish Parades...

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All too often, I spend what seems like hundreds of hours looking at photos that never make it into the magazine for one reason or another. I fall in love with an image only to find it on the cutting-room floor when it comes to print time, and my heart breaks over and over again. Welcome to Snap, therapy for my heart and a way to share the ones that got away—as well a bunch of other great photo-related stuff.

The February 2008 issue of the magazine includes a feature showcasing 13 great photos I culled from Flickr...

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