When the Democratic National Convention came to town 50 years ago this month, sparking mass protests and mayhem, a young photographer found himself in the midst of it all. Here he shares his images for the first time. Read more
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FROM FEBRUARY 2002: Sixty years ago this June, a German submarine dropped four Nazi agents on a darkened Florida beach.Among them was 22-year-old Herbert Haupt, the son of a German American family living on Chicago's North Side. Haupt was part of a terrorist team a band of saboteurs with plans to blow up American bridges and factories. When apprehended, Haupt claimed he was just a homesick young man caught up in the maelstrom of war. But a secret military tribunal convicted Haupt and sent him to the electric chair. This startling story from Chicago's past offers an eerie foreshadowing of today's issues. Read more